For over 30 years my passion has been helping people raise and fund several billions of dollars in Real Estate & Finance, Media , Energy and Infrastructure transactions .
Moving into the twenty-first century, global capital for project funding has never been more important. With growing political upheaval and rapidly evolving financial markets, domestic and foreign institutions recognize the security and opportunity in global diversity. Emerging financial centers in the Middle East, Asia and South America stand to play a key role in future industry growth and infrastructure development.

 As a global investment banking firm, we are positioned to help our clients take advantage of opportunities both domestic and abroad. With offices in the North America, Europe, and Asia We bridge the gap between international capital and project funding. With decades of experience, we help clients form lasting strategic partnerships that provide capital for today's projects and tomorrow's.
In addition to his real estate acquisitions, Mr. Lavassani and the Television Network partnered in the ownership and broadcast rights for many successful shows. In 2001, Mr. Lavassani joined forces with Production and producers in the television shows, "Pulse of the Economy", "T.G.I.F.",  "the WEEKLY LIVE show" and "The LAVASSANI Show". The shows quickly became #1 on television and are currently in its Sixteenth season. Mr. Lavassani's production company is based in Los Angeles.

Hamid R. Lavassani (Sasha) is an internationally recognized expert. His wisdom, knowledge, global travels and cultural knowledge provide a unique perspective to upper end clients. 
Hamid R. Lavassani (Sasha) is the American success story. His creativity, diversity, and building win-win relationships along with his passion for sports has continually set new standards of excellence while expanding his interests nationally and internationally. Mr. Lavassani is personally involved in everything that his name represents.



Hamid R. Lavassani